Lindisfarne Substation

TasNetworks are increasing the capacity of the existing Bridgewater – Lindisfarne 110kV transmission line. This work involves the relocation of an existing 110kV capacitor bank at the Lindisfarne Substation.

Shaw currently has a contract to construct the new capacitor bank footings, a new transmission pole foundation, retaining wall and relocate existing services that conflict with the new system.

Brett Dawber was given the job to complete with very little resources and after some negotiations with the northern projects we rustle up a crew (thanks guys).
The project contract commenced as a 6 week project but due to the great work from the team has increased with significant variations extending the project out to June 2019.

Thanks to Brett, Nudge, Mouse, Jason Plumb and Smithy for getting stuck in 
and keeping the works on programme AND with minimal complaining about working away.

Also looks like this Project will progress to another as the existing Transformer bays need to be upgraded so we could possibly be on site for some time yet.