About Us

People Working Together For The Future

Our Vision and Values

Our Philosophy:

“People working together for the Future”


A company owned by those involved in the business. A simple message of engaging our people to build a future we can all be proud of. This future is encompassed in the Vision and Mission detailed below.Diverse Civil and Mining Contractor. Shaw will be respected and acknowledged by our customers and peers as an industry leader due to our professional approach and the unsurpassed quality of our innovative and cost effective solutions.


Our Vision:

To be the Contractor of choice in every area in which we operate

Diverse Civil and Mining Contractor. Shaw will be respected and acknowledged by our customers and peers as an industry leader due to our professional approach and the unsurpassed quality of our innovative and cost effectives solutions.


 Our Mission:

To have a permanently full order book based on our ability to consistently delight our customers by providing superior solutions, on time, on budget and injury free every time.

In a market environment where cost is often the prime determining factor, our business will continue to grow and prosper due to the superior quality of our work and the recognized value that our passionate and highly skilled employees create for our loyal and valued customers and business associates.


“No great thing is created suddenly…”


Our Commitments:

Safety - we believe that safety is a Value and is fundamental to good management. We will never compromise and we are 100% committed to safe and healthy work practices. Zero harm to our people is fundamental to all that we do.

Environmental & Sustainability – we understand the environmental aspects and impacts of our everyday work and we are committed to exceeding the expectations of regulators and the community in environmental performance. In all our projects we aim to minimise the effect of on the environment.

Culture – all at Shaw have a strong desire to contribute, to find solutions, to be consistent and authentic, and most importantly be part of a family.  We are proud to work here and collectively strive to achieve our common vision.

Services – we deliver on time, on budget, all the time. We are innovative, customer oriented, and overall a competent team of skilled, motivated and enthusiastic individuals who relish meeting challenges together.

Quality – we are committed to delivering high quality outcomes to our clients at all times. We are an ethical company that operates at the highest level of integrity, we believe in earning trust and goodwill through performance.

Delivery – we are flexible, nimble and creative, technically and commercially innovative, smaller than the big ones, and better than the little.

Community – our aim is to support and engage the local community consistent with our family values. We have a fundamental responsibility for business to work with local communities in improving social and economic conditions. We engage, we listen, we include, we cooperate, and then we act.

Ethics – we will duly follow our ethical principles of honesty, promise-keeping, fairness, respect for others, compassion and integrity, and in so doing enhance our ability to achieve responsible commercial success.


“Safety, Quality and Customer Satisfaction are the Hallmarks of great Businesses”


Our Shared Values:

Safety – Zero harm to all of our people including external stakeholders and the general public. When safety is a Value, it is not possible to compromise.

Pride - An inherent, consistent, and ongoing pride in the quality of our work.

Teamwork –Continual support and respect for each other and the associated team around us.

Integrity – An open, transparent, and ethical approach to dealing with our customers and stakeholders alike.

Innovation – True belief in the benefits of innovation, both technically and commercially.

Delivery - Ensuring the highest standard of delivery of outcomes - on time and under budget.  

Responsibility – A preparedness to be responsible for the outcomes of our decisions, actions, and collective behaviours.

“Family Feel” – A united team, we work together and help each other - we are family, we are one. 


“It’s not your given right to be in business it’s your choice…”