Coolstore Road & Southbridge Pump Station

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Shaw is currently completing two projects for TasWater in Hobart with the construction of the new Coolstore Road Sewer Pump Station and the upgrade 
to the existing Southbridge Sewer Pump Station (SPS) and associated Chemical Dosing Unit.

Both projects have commenced on their respective program start dates and the team have been utilising the warmer weather in the south of the state to be well on track to achieve their independent practical completion dates.

The Coolstore Road project has seen the successful deep excavation, utilising a 3 sided sheet pile wall followed by the first crane lift to install the base unit and the first two risers of the wet well. The inlet manhole, along with the high and low level inlets have been successfully installed and backfilling has progressed to a point ready for the second crane lift to install the valve pit and lid.

Flows have been successfully diverted to bypass the Southbridge SPS. This has enabled for the successful application of Sewpercoat to the wall of the wet well. The pumps and rails have been successfully fitted out ready for us to reconfigure the pipework and turn the Southbridge SPS back on. 

To the credit of James Steele and the team, the project has been a success to date with a strong focus on subcontractor management to mitigate delays.